Certified slates rise to the challenge

The flexibility, good looks and ease of installation of Cembrit Jutland fibre cement slates provide a stunning finish on a newly built apartment block in Poole.

Inverclyde House in Poole on the south coast of England is a new three storey development that consists of 18 two and three bedroom flats. Completing the roof of the building was a challenge for Bournemouth-based contractor, AST Roofing, as it included a number of pitches and a turret.
Such a unique roof demanded a high quality roofing product that would be easy to handle and install and would not require any sorting or grading. Cembrit Jutland fibre cement slates were the perfect option – with 7,000 600x300mm blue/black slates installed, covering approximately 450m2.
“The roof design posed a major challenge, however we were confident that our choice in product would allow us to deliver the desired result” says Paul Stevens, Managing Director of AST Roofing. “We had to take great care in achieving a neat mitred hip detail, and Cembrit Jutland slates allowed us to do that. The consistency in quality with these slates was impressive. Not only does it mean the product is easy to work with, it also provides a smooth finish that can’t be achieved with other roofing materials.”

Manufactured to the highest European Standards using Portland cement together with a formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres, Jutland slates feature a smooth surface and have a number of key benefits:

  • Pre-holed, square edged and lightweight
  • No need to grade or sort
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Ideal for fast-track construction
  • Available in Graphite, Blue/Black, Russet and Autumn Brown
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 and BS EN 492:2012
  • BBA Certified
  • A/A+- rated
  • Finished with a high quality, semi-matt acrylic coloured coating to the face and edges
  • Tinted, high-performance binder to the back face

Cembrit A/A+- rated fibre cement slates can contribute to achieving an environmentally outstanding building. The five variations (Jutland, Zeeland, Westerland, Moorland and Diamond) allow designers to achieve the highest ratings for roof specifications and are currently the only fibre cement slate certificated.