You can count on concrete

As the most popular man-made material on the planet, concrete just keeps on getting better.


Although we’ve been using concrete for millennia (the Romans were big fans), for some reason it still seems like it’s a relatively modern material. For example, even though commercial concrete roof tiles were first developed in Victorian times they are still seen as the new kid on the block.

Now tried and tested, and the most widely used material for roof tiles, concrete has come a long way in terms of both performance and finish and provides a host of benefits, including:


Made with the latest technology, modern day concrete roof tiles are now greener than their Victorian ancestors, with less energy used in the manufacturing process. Research has shown that during its entire lifetime, a concrete roof tile makes less than half the greenhouse gases of some other materials.


Manufacturers can now provide the traditional look of natural materials but with all the benefits of concrete. From small and larger format and thinner profiles, concrete look a-like products are getting better and better.

Modern manufacturing can even obtain a natural look by carefully blending tiles using selected colours which give a natural appearance when they are mixed.


Not only do concrete tiles look good, they are strong with less wastage and are resistant to freeze thaw.


As they have been carefully designed, most concrete tiles are also quick and easy to fit.
At the forefront of concrete tile technology are companies like Russell Roof Tiles. They have been concrete pioneers for over 50 years and manufacture a range of concrete products and accessories for all types of homes and buildings. They were the first to launch a thinner leading-edge concrete roof tile and are as dedicated to concrete roof tiles as ever before - showing how concrete has come of age and should be given due consideration on your next project.