A model material

Clay tiles are one of the oldest building materials on earth. They’re also one of the most versatile, able to match a range of styles and budgets.

The UK is rightly proud of its building heritage. As well as thousands of listed buildings, it has one of the oldest housing stocks in Europe – buildings that shape our country’s character and identity.

As contractors we are regularly asked to source materials that sustain the country’s structural identity, whether on new build or renovation projects. That can sometimes be a tricky task; you not only have to find the right tile to complement the surroundings, you also have to make sure it fits the budget. That’s where clay tiles can come into their own, as just because they’re clay doesn’t mean they won’t be within your reach. SIGnature Clay Tiles ranges mean you have a choice to suit all budgets while retaining the beauty and charm of a clay roof.

SIGnature Clay Tiles come in three select ranges:

Produced manually to ensure they meet British Standards for strength, frost resistance and water permeability. Each tile is moulded by hand to achieve a camber, and it’s this craftsmanship that gives the clay tile its characterful, highly-individual look that successfully brings an old world charm to any building. In addition to their long life span, in some cases lasting for centuries, they exude a natural warmth, texture and appearance that blends well with any surroundings.

These sit between the machine made and handmade versions. The process is automated up until the tiles are fired. At this point they are taken off the line and finished by hand to emulate a rustic, sand faced or smooth faced texture. Hand crafted tiles are naturally colourfast and durable, however the production process is not as labour intensive as handmade versions and therefore offers a cost-effective solution to recreate the much-admired, traditional look.

Commonly used in both contemporary and traditional builds, machine made clay tiles hold their hue and actually mature with age. SIGnature machine made tiles meet the aesthetic and performance demands of all types of roofing applications, while being extremely durable. Less labour intensive than handcrafted or handmade clay tiles, machine made clay tiles are perfectly suited to the more cost-conscious project.

Clay tiles also have that wonderful knack of getting better with age as they weather naturally and improve as time goes on. With SIGnature’s ranges of handmade, handcrafted and machine made clay tiles, you get charm and beauty, guaranteed.