A good lead

Give your customers assurance, guaranteed with a warranty-backed lead solution

Lead use in construction is almost as old as construction itself! This is not surprising when you consider it’s widespread, easy to extract, easy to work with, highly malleable and easy to smelt. And it’s also really, really good!

In fact, lead is such an excellent material that it will often outlast the building itself. Even so, for absolute peace of mind and assurance of performance, it’s important to only use lead products that comply with the relevant British Standard. Two companies that guarantee the quality of their lead are ALM and, in Scotland, Jamestown Metals.


As leading members of the Lead Sheet Association (LSA), both companies are so confident of their quality that all of their Code 3-8 rolled lead sheet now comes with a 50 year LSA warranty. This applies to any rolled lead sheet manufactured by them from October 2013, providing it has been installed in accordance with BS 6915 and the LSA Rolled Lead Sheet Manual.

In simple terms, it means that the product you use is guaranteed to be of a consistently high quality, in terms of thickness and chemical composition.

The 50 year warranty is especially important to architects, who can make accurate forecasts of creep and fatigue in order to work out the type, size and fixing details for almost any situation where lead is being considered. Guarantees of performance like these are also very useful for building designers and owners when dealing with insurers.

If you’d like to find out more about any aspect of lead installation, visit the ALM website, click on ‘lead’ and download the LSA Rolled Lead Sheet Manual, see: www.associatedlead.co.uk.

The ALM Range of lead ancillary products all carry the ‘LSA Approved’ logo and are supplied by SIG Roofing. It includes:

  • Patination oil
  • Sealant
  • Clips
  • Wood core rolls

The range is also recommended by the Lead Contractors’ Association (LCA). Members can offer a 25 year guarantee of their workmanship on rolled lead sheet conforming to BS EN 12588.

Lead Sheet Association Training
LSA training courses in lead and hard metals have been developed to meet the needs of both installers and employers.

Courses are flexible and cost effective and many provide a nationally recognised qualification. They are suitable for most people, whether you have little, or even no, experience, or if you want to add to your range of skills and improve your work prospects.

To watch the LSA’s short film and hear from both employers and students alike about the benefits of the training, visit www.leadsheet.co.uk/training.

Funding your training
The Lead Sheet Association has compiled an online guide to all the courses and potential funding available. To see what courses are on offer and find out how you might benefit from funding, visit www.leadsheet.co.uk

LSA staff are always on hand to help with enquiries. Call 01622 872 432 or email [email protected] to find out more.