APPy to help

Imagine you had 90 years of roofing experience instantly available on site. That’s exactly what Marley’s new FREE app and printed guide gives you.

It’s always nice to call on the reassuring voice of experience. However, the skills gap in construction means it’s not always possible to have roofers with decades of technical experience on site to call on. In addition recent revisions to important Standards covering building ventilation and installation have also increased the level of knowledge needed to comply with regulations.

In response to this changing environment, Marley Eternit have condensed their 90 plus years of technical roofing expertise into one free Marley Eternit Roofing Sitework Guide app and printed guide – to make life easier and to help contractors save time on site. It’s the perfect tool to help you make sure the job is absolutely right and avoid unnecessary call backs.

Easy to use on your smart phone or tablet, the brand new app is based on the updated version of Marley’s popular printed Roofing Sitework Guide and covers all the latest BS 5534:2014 requirements. Available as an app or in print, it also gives you:

  • Quick and easy navigation by product or roof area
  • Automatic updates when new products or guidelines are launched
  • Access to general roof guidance such as safety, storage and setting out
  • Simple step-by-step fixing instructions
  • Product and system animations

Whether you’re an old hand, a younger roofer or starting out as an apprentice, these handy tools give you a lifetime’s expertise at the touch of a button (or flick of a page) when and where you need it. And that is absolutely priceless.