A Rapid Response from Redland

As construction deadlines tighten across the board and changes to The British Standards for Slating and Tiling, BS 5534:2014 impact our industry – manufacturers now more than ever are looking for ways to support the specialist contractor. Redland’s Rapid Verge is the first dry verge system on the market to be created specifically for use with the popular Redland 49 tiles and Fenland Pantiles.

With BS 5534:2014 dry-fixing requirements now in effect, Redlands new verge system is designed to be mechanically fixed, providing a mortar-free solution and therefore meeting the criteria required under BS 5534 to be a secondary fixing.


As with other Redland products, Rapid Verge has been designed with contractors in mind:

  • Dry fix for speedy installation
  • Very simple and quick to install in any weather conditions
  • Ambidextrous systems fit either the left or right hand verges of the roof, so you only need one verge unit type
  • Supplied in packs of 10 units containing everything required for a neat and secure fixing

The dry verges are specifically designed to fit the 15×9 tile range and are available in Slate Grey or Rust to match the corresponding tile.

The Rapid Verge System is another example of how Redland is striving to help contractors save both time and money.