Local reassurance with national recognition

TrustMark and Trading Standards offer new level of consumer protection and trade accreditation.

TrustMark, the only Government-endorsed scheme for all trades in and around the home, is working with Trading Standards to provide another level of consumer protection and trade accreditation to both householders and tradespeople in the home improvement, maintenance and repair sector.


Together, the two government organisations will jointly deliver a national Trading Standards supporting scheme, giving firms local reassurance with national recognition. The ‘Trading Standards Approved’ scheme is an accreditation that tells potential customers that the tradesperson not only complies with TrustMark’s Standards for quality of workmanship, but they also understand fair trading practices and have in place all the correct documentation and insurances.

The scheme has been piloted by TrustMark and Buckinghamshire & Surrey Trading Standards and is due to be rolled out across the rest of the country in 2017. This means that for the first time local authorities across the country can work together to deliver the project. From a roofer’s perspective it will give you further credibility that you are reputable and have a solid trading history. At the same time it gives your customers the reassurance and confidence they need that you have been thoroughly checked by both Trading Standards and TrustMark and have been approved to use this accreditation. As endorsements go it doesn’t get any more solid than that.


Simon Ayers, Chief Executive of TrustMark, said: “With consumer expectations rising, householders are now seeking higher levels of service and better quality workmanship from their tradespeople with all the right checks in place. The Trading Standards Approved scheme isn’t just another ‘badge’ to add to a firm’s website and marketing materials, it’s an investment with great benefits. When a consumer chooses a tradesperson that has the TrustMark ‘Trading Standards Approved’ logo, they know they will get a reputable, reliable firm that has not only been vetted by a TrustMark Scheme Operator, but also checked directly by Trading Standards. As always, we are working towards a future when consumers have confidence in the tradespeople they employ and that they see that ‘rogue’ traders are the exception, not the rule.”


If you’re TrustMark registered all you have to do is apply through TrustMark to complete the necessary checks and gain the approved accreditation. TrustMark will carry out the DBS Checks and Trading Standards will do the Intelligence Checks. Once you’ve passed these safeguards, you’ll then be accredited with Trading Standards Approved status. In addition to the added credibility Trading Standards approval gives you, you’ll also get additional business support with exclusive access to assured advice on consumer law, including unfair contract terms, cancellations rights and drafting invoices.

As Steve Ruddy, Head of Service Buckinghamshire & Surrey Trading Standards says: “This is a great example of central and local government working together, combining national recognition and local reassurance to both protect residents and support local businesses.” Now is the perfect time to get involved and show you’ve set your standards high.

Contact TrustMark for more information  or to sign up to the Trading Standards  Approved scheme:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0333 555 0352

Membership of the Trading Standards Scheme gives contractors increased credibility, greater exposure and access to a range of practical business support:

  • Successful completion of DBS & Intelligence checks, demonstrates your commitment to consumer protection and trade accreditation, which provides greater confidence to your customers.
  • Once you have attained the ‘Trading Standards Approved’ status, customers will be able to search for your company, thereby giving you greater exposure.
  • Use the ‘Trading Standards Approved’ logo on all your letters, invoices and marketing materials, evokes not only national recognition, but also local reassurance to both protect home owners and support local roofing contractors.
  • A Business Support booklet, gives advice and reassurance that your company is compliant with current consumer law.