In Velux we Trust(Mark)

The Velux ‘Certified Installer Partnership’ gives installers the badge of quality customers are looking for.

The TrustMark scheme operator license was awarded to Velux in January 2015 after a thorough assessment of all its processes for vetting and inspecting installers, as well as its customer service policies, compliance audits, quality management and complaint handling procedures. It is a ringing endorsement of the way Velux performance manage their installations through grading, reviewing, monitoring and support.

The partnership between Velux, the leading manufacturer of roof windows and TrustMark, opens up a huge window of opportunity for installers. It means that all Velux Certified Installers can apply for TrustMark status – and with more than 8.1 million searches for accredited tradespeople in 2015 alone, that makes this a very powerful partnership indeed.

As mentioned on the previous page, TrustMark is the only government endorsed quality scheme for tradespeople – providing homeowners with the reassurances they are looking for and the confidence that they are working with tradespeople who are the best in the business. The partnership not only helps homeowners make more informed decisions when hiring tradespeople to install their roof windows, it also raises the standard of workmanship in general.

As such, accreditation is a mark that all Velux Certified Installers can show customers, proving they have been properly assessed and inspected and that they work to the very highest standards.

As an accredited TrustMark member through the Velux Certified Installer Partnership, you enjoy a privileged position in the industry. You gain access to a new and improved system to generate bespoke sales leads through listings on the Velux and TrustMark websites. These get hundreds of thousands of hits each month and put you right in front of customers looking for tradespeople they can trust. They link homeowners to the best installers in their area. You!

You also get the latest product and industry news, keeping you up to date with developments affecting the market. Trust your instincts and sign up.

  • Joining the scheme makes you highly visible to people searching on the TrustMark and Velux websites for installers in your area.
  • The partnership link homeowners to the best installers in their area. YOU!
  • Customers will know they can trust you so have extra peace of mind.