Make your industrial life easier

SIG’s Industrial Roofing Centre makes complex projects simple

Anybody who’s worked on an industrial roofing project knows just how complex they can be. The number of materials to source, and deliveries to coordinate can be vast. All too quickly, you can find yourself overwhelmed by having to deal with multiple manufacturers and suppliers – all the while trying to work out what’s compatible with what, when it’s all arriving and where you’re going to put it!

Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, and who you’re dealing with, the result can be a bit of a muddle.


By working with people who fully understand the compatibility and risks of different products and manufacturers, you can streamline the process considerably.

The SIG Industrial Roofing Centre is a hub of quality products, technical acumen and service. Whether you want help to calculate the amount of materials you need, coordinate a number of different suppliers, or get the right products in the right place at the right time, the experts there take on all the hard work for you, irrespective of scale, freeing you to get on with the job

Here are just some of the tasks the SIG Industrial Roofing Centre can take off your hands:

Design and specification – know which materials work together and where to get them, and can provide assurance of quality.

Reduce costs – streamlining the process reduces waste, saves time and minimises error – all of which saves you money.

Product call off – can coordinate deliveries of the materials you need, in the quantities you need, when you need them, nationwide.

Matching systems – able to source discontinued products and carry out profile and colour matching.

Offer safety solutions – including barriers, harnessing points, below roof fitting and advice.

Fabricate hard metals – cater to bespoke requirements with a cut-to-size capability, so can deliver hard metals such as zinc and copper in the exact amounts you need. It means you reduce waste and save money and is something no other company provides.

Advice and support – provide a dedicated contact to give you impartial help and advice, as well as technical support for their full range of products.

Whatever you’re working on, the support of a specialist distributor gives you peace of mind that the project is being managed efficiently and effectively. Suddenly, industrial projects seem much more achievable!