Location, Location, Location…

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing the right product for your next industrial roofing project – and the product’s coating guarantee is one not to be missed.

One thing that seems to slip a lot of people’s minds when thinking about how to approach their next project is the coating guarantee that their composite panels and profiled sheeting come with. It’s important because this can have a huge impact on the life of the materials and is also largely dependent on where the project is.

In fact the location of the building is the main factor you need to consider when choosing a coating guarantee, precisely because of the effect it can have on the life expectancy of the coating. The split is between coastal and inland areas due to the corrosive nature of sea air, which reacts to the plastisol in paint. Hence, a project within 2-3 miles of a shoreline will be classed a coastal environment and have a corresponding effect on the length of the guarantee.

A coating available that gives an extended life in both inland and coastal environments of between 5-10 years longevity is HPS200 and companies like Steadmans offer this on all their products.

Using Steadmans AS35-1000 composite panel and AS30-1000 profile sheeting as an example, shows that when considering the best product solution for your projects, it’s wise to think about how the location will affect your guarantee:

Wall profiles
Inland                                       Coastal
30 year*                                    25 years*

Roof profiles
Inland                                       Coastal
25 years*                                  30 years*

*Guarantees: colours based on Leathergrain high volume colour, using plastisol paint.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the guarantee is dependent on keeping up with maintenance. Ensuring all coatings have the longest lifespan requires an annual inspection of the building exterior and carrying out any remedial work this identifies.

AS35 panels at Urban Extreme skate park, Barrow in Furness 2

Some things to look for and the actions to take, include:

Check for: Remedial action:
Blocked gutters, which may cause overflow into the building. Clean gutters and wash out any blockages.
Build-up of debris, which can retain water and cause corrosion. Remove debris.
Dirt retention on areas not washed by rainwater. It affects the appearance of the building and if left untreated could cause the coating to break down. Wash down with fresh water using a hose and soft bristle brush. Remove heavy deposits with a solution of water and household detergent or proprietary cleaner.
Mould growth, which is rare but can affect the appearance of the building. Wash down, then apply a cleansing solution. Consult manufacturer for guidance.
Local damage – breakthrough of the panel coating could result in corrosion of the substrate. Assess the extent of the damage and either touch up or overpaint the affected area or replace damaged sheet.
Drilling swarf and fixing debris. Remove debris.
Conditions of fixings – faulty fixings can cause leaks or rust staining on the surface of the panels. Replace faulty fixings and any missing clips.
Corrosion cut edge. Cut or abrade edges back to clean bright metal and repaint.**
Flaking of paint and ‘edge peel’. Repaint.**

** Consult the SIG Industrial Roofing Centre for recommended paint.

It’s a good idea to keep a record of annual maintenance that you or a subcontractor completes. The best way to do this is in your COSHH (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) and maintenance file for your project. You should keep a copy of any data sheets, maintenance guides and guarantee/warranty information.

It also pays to apply for any guarantee within 2-3 months of when you installed the panels. To get all the relevant information for your COSHH file and to apply for any guarantee just speak to the supplier you bought the product from and they’ll supply and help you with everything you need. And here’s the really important bit! If you don’t apply for your guarantee and maintain your building annually your project might not be fully guaranteed!

If you’d like to talk to someone about your next roofing project then you can always call the SIG Industrial Roofing Centre. The team there are all seasoned professionals and will be able to talk to you about what you are looking to achieve with your new roof or wall covering and guide you to the right product for you.

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