Fixsafe first

Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd, one of the UK’s leading industrial and commercial roofing contractors, has made Filon Fixsafe a key part of its stringent Health & Safety programme.

You’d be hard pressed to find a business that attaches greater importance to health and safety than Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd. The company ranks it above all other management functions and has created a memorable marketing campaign around safety super-hero ‘R.U. McSafe’, to highlight its zero tolerance approach to anything that compromises safety on-site. It should come as no surprise then, that they have made Filon Fixsafe their system of choice when replacing roofing sheets.

Fragile roofs are one of the biggest safety hazards facing construction workers and account for almost one fifth of all the fatal accidents resulting from falls from height. Traditionally when you wanted to ensure the safety of your team when accessing fragile roof areas for maintenance or repair, you’d have to erect scaffolding and safety nets – which can often cost more time and money than the repair itself!

Filon’s Fixsafe system changes all of that. It means you don’t have to access a fragile roof at all, because you can carry out the entire process from below, using a scissor lift. This makes the whole process significantly safer and more controllable. When Weatherproofing Advisors trialled the system they found Fixsafe very efficient and easy-to-use on-site, allowing them to carry out the work without the additional time and costs involved in setting up scaffolding and safety nets.

Director James Turner commented: “Filon’s Fixsafe system removes the need for operatives to access fragile roofs and our initial trial confirmed that Fixsafe is also very practical and simple-to-use on-site. With safety at the top of our priority list, we have now initiated a policy of ‘Fixsafe first’ for all our projects. This means we use Fixsafe as a matter of course, wherever internal access is possible.”

Safety conscious contractors like Weatherproofing Advisors are making Fixsafe their system of choice, the team at Filon believe the convenience and simplicity of the system will make it an industry standard for profiled roof repairs. In the longer term, they think that even those contractors who may otherwise have cut corners on safety, will choose to use Fixsafe where possible, for reasons of practicality and cost, as well as safety.

In short, if you want to fix safely, use Fixsafe.

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