Fix it safely with Filon’s Fixsafe

Replacing roof lights and sheets on fragile roofs is quicker, cheaper and safer with Fixsafe.

Even the most experienced roofers sometimes baulk at working on a fragile roof. When you’re dealing with worn membranes, loose tiles and rusty fixings, it’s understandable!

Well, now there’s a safer solution. Fixsafe from Filon allows you to work inside the building to replace roof lights and sheets from underneath the roof, rather than the riskier and more time consuming conventional method of having to access dangerous, fragile roof areas.

Traditionally, replacing roof lights and broken sheets has required roofers to construct edge protection scaffold in order to prevent falls from the roof, crawler boards to create safe walking surfaces across the roof area, and safety netting strung beneath the roof in case of falls. All of this is time consuming and labour intensive.


With Fixsafe, however, you don’t need any of this. No more delays, disruptions and additional costs caused by scaffolders and netting contractors installing and then removing their equipment.

  • Minimises on-site management time and cost of sub-contractors and access equipment suppliers
  • Reduces personnel on site and potential of associated incidents
  • Increases client confidence in the management and execution of the project

Fixsafe is supplied with full installation instructions. The only equipment you need is something that allows you underneath access to the sheet or roof light you need to replace, i.e. a cherry picker or similar.

This simple, yet ingenious, method of safe replacement was developed following discussions with the Health and Safety Executive and meets the first level of ‘The Working at Height Hierarchy of Control Measures’.

Quick, simple sheet replacement in six simple steps:

  1. Remove hook bolts
  2. Extract existing sheet
  3. Drill new Fixsafe sheet using old sheet as template
  4. Install Fixsafe fixings
  5. Locate new Fixsafe sheet
  6. Secure Fixsafe fixings

Be safe. Be cost effective. Be time efficient. Use Filon Fixsafe for roof light and roof sheet replacement work.