Better buildings – build better business

By demonstrating the value of better buildings, the construction industry can unlock new revenue streams.

While it’s true that some of the Government’s high-profile green initiatives seem to have taken a bit of a back seat recently (Green Deal anyone?), make no mistake, the focus on building energy efficiency is only going to increase.

The recent United Nations conference on climate change was a reminder of why it’s still such an important issue, and once again brought sustainability targets into sharp focus. In Europe, for example, buildings account for a hefty 40% of the energy we consume. To bring that figure down is both a huge challenge and a massive opportunity for the sector. The only way we will achieve it will be to dramatically improve the way we construct, renovate and occupy buildings. And those with the skills to do so will have a genuine advantage over their competitors.

As energy costs rise and upcoming legislative deadlines begin to loom, building owners are inevitably going to look for the most sustainable solutions. Those contractors with the relevant expertise to deliver sustainable buildings cost-effectively will be in high demand. The ability to advise on the latest innovations and solutions that make it possible to improve building energy performance while enhancing the bottom line, will give you a serious competitive edge.

The simplest way to gain this competitive edge is to engage with manufacturer training courses such as those offered through the Kingspan Academy. This is an initiative from Kingspan Insulated Panels designed to deliver professional installer training and informative CPD sessions all over the UK. This kind of training helps contractors, designers & specifiers to embrace new technology and create more opportunities to add value to client relationships. This is going to be essential as the regulatory landscape changes and building owners, developers and larger main contractors expect more than the traditional skills usually associated with specialist contractors and installers.

Those companies able to offer valuable advice on energy efficiency, sustainability and the performance merits of different products will be able to shift their customer relationships beyond the purely transactional. And those contractors able to install the wider range of products required to meet new standards of energy efficiency will find themselves best positioned to capitalise on a growing market.

Investing time in training and understanding the latest products and solutions on the market now, will pay you dividends in the future. Put simply, high-performance buildings are becoming the norm. Those contractors with the skills to deliver them will thrive and reap the benefits of these new business opportunities.