No smoke… because there’s no fire

The best way to stay safe from fires is to stop them before they start.

When you consider the number of roofs constructed every year, the number of fires emanating from the roof space is incredibly low. That is a testament both to the skills of the people installing them (you), and the correct specification and performance of appropriate construction materials. However, with so many products out there to choose from, how do you know which ones you can trust?

Among the varying grades of timber panel on the market and the huge range of fire retardant solutions available, SMARTPLY FR OSB is the smart choice for peace of mind. It’s a flame retardant structural OSB3 panel with European reaction to fire class C-s2,d0 and BFL –s1 performance.

Zeroignition Solution, a water-based, eco-friendly fire retardant is added during panel processing. This ensures fire performance whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the board so it has the same quality and strength as all OSB3 panels.

Ideal for roof decking, flooring and wall sheathing applications in both new builds and renovation projects, SMARTPLY FR OSB is also certified to the highest environmental standards and fully CE compliant. The company sources the raw materials from their own managed forests in Ireland so you can be sure it is produced responsibly.

It’s this kind of attention to detail that means whenever you use SMARTPLY FR OSB you know you’ve got the right product for the right job and have the certification to prove it. And that means peace of mind for everyone.


  • Ideal for both new builds and renovation projects
  • Zeroignition Solution fire retardant added as part of the manufacturing process
  • Best in class fire performance with full structural integrity
  • Meets European Standard EN300
  • CE marked ex-works with the relevant Fire Classification and Declaration of Performance