Beat the chill this winter

CrysticROOF COOLCure GRP Liquid Resin works down to 5°C

Glass-reinforced polyester resin (GRP) is an immensely versatile material. Lightweight, inherently strong and, of course, weather-resistant, it’s used for everything from aircraft, boats and cars to bath tubs, surfboards and external doors. You could say it’s quite the all-rounder!

As well as being incredibly adaptable, GRP is also good for the environment – and can even improve health and safety:

  • Reduces building energy consumption
  • Reduces volatile emissions
  • Improves fire resistance

For contractors, the only problem with using GRP has been its inability to set at low temperatures, rendering it unusable for large periods of the year. That’s no longer an issue, thanks to Scott Bader, who have developed a low-temperature GRP liquid resin: CrysticROOF COOLCure.

CrysticROOF COOLCure is suitable for application in temperatures as low as 50C, essentially extending the building season from earlier in the spring to later in winter. It has been designed for use with a suitable HBO50 winter catalyst, so the resin can cure and harden even at low temperatures.

So, when the nights start drawing in and the temperature drops, you’ll still be able to crack on with the job. How cool is that?!

The CrysticROOF range of resins and topcoats is a modern alternative to traditional materials such as bitumen, felt and lead. It not only lasts a lifetime, it looks great, too.

  • Manufactured in the UK to ISO standards
  • Tested for consistency and stringent quality controls
  • Backed by 10 to 25* year guarantees
  • Low styrene emissions
  • Includes a range of high quality trims and ancillaries
  • Exclusively stocked by SIG Roofing
  • *Available for approved contractors

Why choose CrysticROOF GRP?

Simple to use and apply, CrysticROOF GRP is the perfect flame-free application.

  • Cold applied – eliminating the need for naked flames and heating equipment
  • Manufactured with virgin raw materials in the UK to British/ISO quality and environmental standards
  • Cures to a hard, very attractive, seamless finish
  • Remains watertight and maintenance free for many years
  • Wide choice of colour finishes and non slip