A cold cure…

When the mercury drops, CrysticROOF® COOLCure means you can keep working even when ‘Jack Frost’ is about.

We all know how frustrating it can be to try to get a job done during winter, which is why CrysticROOF® COOLCure was specifically developed by Scott Bader for cold weather application. It’s part of the BBA approved CrysticROOF® range of products for manufacturing new GRP flat and pitched roofs.

The COOLCure product is a low temperature GRP liquid resin, chemically formulated to still work in cold weather down to as low as 5ºC when used with a suitable HBO 50 winter catalyst. It’s critically important you use the correct catalyst as only this type of winter grade catalyst will fully cure and harden the resin at such low temperatures.

By using COOLCure resin as part of a CrysticROOF® system, following the recommended working instructions and installation guidelines provided by Scott Bader, approved roofing installers can keep business going when others grind to a halt.
All CrysticROOF® products are fully compatible with standard, commonly used OSB3 boards, edge trims, fillets and flashings and come with either a 20 or 25-year materials performance guarantee.

CrysticROOF® COOLCure resin is the perfect antidote to the winter blues. It allows you to lengthen your winter building season, offer a better service to your customers and increase your business profitability. It really is very cool indeed!