Insight Issue 28

Raising the bar

raising the bar

Product innovation and new approaches to working are at the heart of improving standards in roofing and allowing the industry to thrive.

History is littered with examples of people with vision who wouldn’t take no for an answer and introduced game changing innovations. For example, when Fred Smith wrote a paper on an idea for reliable overnight delivery, his professor gave him a C grade because the idea wasn’t feasible. Years later the tagline “FedEx – when it absolutely, positively has  to be there overnight”  became well known all over the world.

With over 40 years of innovation, evolution and growth – FedEx continue to be at the forefront of express deliveries. The point is, to use Fred’s own words: “You absolutely, positively have to innovate – if only to survive.”

This is also true in roofing. Whether it’s through product development and improvement or looking at different working practices, people are striving to raise standards and improve the industry’s image. After all, raising standards benefits everyone. From the customer’s perspective it means they have the peace of mind they’re in good hands and can trust their contractor to do a good job. From the contractor’s point of view, having products you can rely on to help you to do the job makes your life a lot easier, gives you the confidence you need to take on new work and reduces the risk of call backs.

This issue of INSIGHT looks at how as an industry we are making changes to ensure we keep improving standards. Inside you’ll find a range of articles covering everything from the training opportunities available to improve skills, the introduction of a new Trading Standards initiative with TrustMark (see page 10) and how product innovation is helping address the skills shortage (see page 21). We also look at the new law for energy efficiency in the rental market and how you can tap into the potential opportunities for the refurbishment sector (see page 4).

The first half of a new year is always a good time to look at how we can do things differently, improve standards or adapt what we already have so that it works better for us. Bearing that in mind we hope this edition gives you an insight into the new possibilities available to help you flourish.

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  • Russell Roof Tiles reminds us to pic ‘n’ mix concrete tiles to get the best results
  • What’s new with Marley Eternit’s Universal Dry Verge system?
  • Floplast explain how BSI Kitemark™ can help you maintain high standards
  • Steadmans explains that protection pays with LPCB approved products
  • SIG Industrial Roofing Centre reveals how location affects the coating guarantee


Congratulations to our reader  Paul Harris of Simanda Ltd who is our latest competition winner!

Paul entered our INSIGHT issue 27 word search competition to win a Stanley IntelliLaser!

We asked Paul why he reads INSIGHT and he told us: “I’ve been in the roofing trade for over 50 years and I subscribed to INSIGHT magazine a long time ago – I find it keeps me up-to-date on changes that might be happening within the industry and as I don’t go online, the delivered magazine is ideal for me. I do have a confession though… my wife helped me to complete the word search so it’s only fair I share the laser with her!”

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Colorful books of compliance, standards and rules are sitting on top of each other. The books have unique texts on their spines related to compliance subject. Isolated on white background. Clipping path is included. High quality 3d render with copy sapce.

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