SIGnature Machine Made Clay Tiles – Sherwood

Project Name: London Road, Ewell, Espom
Tile Supplied: SIGnature Machine Made Clay Tiles – Sherwood
Roofing Contractor: Heritage Roofing and Restoration Ltd
Summary: A great example of a machine made clay tile used in a conservation area

This privately owned home is located in the charming village of Ewell, a historic area in the borough of Epsom and Ewell in Surrey, which appears in the Domesday Book of 1086. Built in 1926 and located in a conservation area, the home was in need of a new roof.

The existing roof was an ‘up and over’ construction with multiple elevations, constructed with Rosemary tiles.  Along with slipping battens and ridges, the tiles were breaking and shelling due to their age and it was not possible to find exact replacements to match.

In keeping with the style and history of the property and to preserve its beauty, the home owner looked to the roofing contractor for advice on the best type of tile to use. A long lasting solution was needed, which would give an outstanding finish to enhance the beauty of this home, whilst meeting conservation guidelines.

Heritage Roofing and Restoration recommended SIGnature Machine Made Clay Tiles in Sherwood because their colour matched perfectly with the surrounding properties which was of great importance to the home owner and the conservation office.

Sherwood is a charming combination of browns and reds, brindled with a black accent running through; a lightly granulated texture gives a slight pre-weathered appearance.

As the property was originally constructed with a closed boarded roof, which was still in good structural order, the roofing contractor had to find an alternative way to mount the tiles. To ensure the tiles were properly installed, the roof had to be counter battened to improve airflow and because Heritage Roofing and Restoration are part of the ‘Competent Roofer’ program, they were able to self-certify the project which saved time and additional investment.

Due to limited parking at the property, all materials had to be delivered in smaller batches. Typically, a single delivery to site of all the roofing materials would be expected, however with the parking constraints this was not an option. The 120m² of Sherwood Clay Tiles plus all the other associated materials had to be delivered in several batches by SIG Horsham.

Commonly used in both contemporary and traditional builds, machine made tiles hold their hue and actually mature with age. SIGnature machine made tiles are capable of meeting the aesthetic and performance demands of all types of roofing applications, whilst giving very high levels of durability.

John Hilden from Heritage Roofing and restoration was thrilled with the outcome, saying that the choice of SIGnature Sherwood was a perfect solution and gave a visually outstanding roof.

The home owner was equally pleased saying: “Excellent workmanship…the roof looks absolutely fabulous…highly recommend”.

SIGnature Clay Tiles in Sherwood have given this home a stunning new roof, retaining the original beauty of the property and allowing it to blend in perfectly with neighbouring houses. The home owner can enjoy complete peace of mind that the roof will last for many years to come because SIGnature Clay Tiles are supported by a 30 year warranty.

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