SIGnature Handmade Clay Tiles – Henley Weathered

Project Name: Marlands Park, Barns Green, West Sussex
Tile Supplied: SIGnature Handmade Clay Tiles – Henley Weathered
Roofing Contractor: Edenbriar Ltd
Summary: An fine example of a handmade clay tile used in a substantial self-build project

The Grange is an exceptional luxury home set within Marlands Park, an idyllic private country parkland near the charming village of Barns Green, Horsham. Originally a farmstead, The Grange has been rebuilt using a unique blend of traditional and contemporary building styles, using a variety of roofing finishes.
This substantial self-build project was undertaken by construction company owner John Gough of Edenbriar Ltd. John really wanted to create a unique, modern home whilst retaining some of the charm from the original farm buildings. The design consisted of three main buildings, each with a different roofing finish; single ply, steel and clay tiles. For the clay tile roof area he was keen to achieve an authentic look, and having worked with SIGnature Handmade Clay Tiles previously, he knew that these would create the perfect finish.

John was looking for a roof covering that would last for many years and would allow the property to blend in beautifully with surrounding properties, and as SIGnature Handmade Clay Tiles are made from high quality natural clay, adding a traditional, time-honoured aesthetic to any home, they were perfect for the job. In addition, SIGnature Handmade Clay Tiles meet the highest standards of quality and usability, complying with BS EN1304:2013, and have a warranty of 30 year giving him total peace of mind.

This was a straight forward installation covering 150m², and Edenbriar Ltd found SIGnature Handmade Clay Tiles very easy to work with. John said:
‘They are a good tile to work with, and cut and lay, the SIGnature Clay Tile ranges are hard to beat and stocks are easily available, nationwide’

The Henley Weathered tiles create a subtle blend of shades which has given the roof a traditional look, bringing old world charm and warmth to this contemporary home. The clay tile roof is a wonderful contrast to the other roof finishes on this impressive home.

This unusual re-roof project was completed on time and to budget, taking just 10 days in total which included laying the membrane and batten.

John was thrilled with the outcome and commented:
‘This project has a mix of so many types of roofing products, from clay tiles through to single ply – soon to be grass covered roofs, to the large expanse of Tata steel standing seam roof, all supplied by SIG Roofing and all working in harmony with each other in this sensitive open countryside situation; they all help to settle the build into the countryside.’

SIGnature Handmade Clay Tiles are supported by a 30 year warranty, giving the contractor and the home owner complete confidence that the roof will last for many years to come.

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