SIGnature Handmade Clay Tiles – Chartham Red, Holmbury Blend and Henley Weathered

Project Name: Stambourne, Halstead, North Essex
Tile Supplied: SIGnature Handmade Clay Tiles – Chartham Red, Holmbury Blend and Henley Weathered
Roofing Contractor: Barry English Roofing
Summary: An outstanding example of a clay tile roof with a unique mottled effect

Situated on 10 acres, this stunning residential farm house is located in Stambourne, a pleasant, quiet village nestling in the picturesque countryside of north Essex.
The existing clay tile roof was in need of repair; many tiles were cracked or broken, causing leaks. The home owner was looking for a roof covering that would last for many years, whilst retaining the original character and beauty of the home.
The new roof would need to retain the farmhouse feel and allow the home to blend in perfectly with its natural surroundings and other local properties, many of which had clay tile roofs. In addition, the home owner asked for an unusual mottled effect which would add further character and individuality to their home.
Appointed roofing contractor Barry English Roofing approached local roofing merchant, SIG Roofing Colchester for advice on how to achieve the unique aesthetic required, who suggested a mix of three SIGnature Handmade Clay Tiles; Henley Weathered, Holmbury Blend and Chartham Red.

Each handmade clay tile brings its own colour and naturally blended appearance; Holmbury Blend clay tiles have beautiful orangey red undertones and Henley Weathered have dark smokey brown colours, whilst Chartham Red brings a warm red which displays subtle shade variations. Used in a ratio of 40:40:20 with a white cement, these tiles created a stunning mottled effect with some bright red accents, which was exactly what the home owner was looking for.
Over 6000 tiles were used to complete the main roof area which consisted of two projections. All the required ridges and fixings used were also from the SIGnature Clay Tiles range, applied in a mix to complement the unique mottled roof. The entire project was completed on time and in budget, taking three weeks in total.

SIGnature Handmade Clay Tiles are made from high quality natural clay, adding a traditional, time-honoured aesthetic to the home. Meeting the highest standards of quality and usability and complying with BS EN1304:2013, SIGnature Handmade Clay Tiles have a warranty of 30 years giving the home owner total peace of mind.
The home owner was thrilled with the outcome, along with Barry English, the roofing contractor who commented:

“The beautiful outcome achieved on the property has been admired by many already, so much so that we have been appointed to undertake two further roofing projects in the area using the same mix of tiles.”

The SIGnature Clay Tile ranges are available at all SIG Roofing branches throughout the UK. Speak to a member of our staff for help and advice, please click here to find details of your local branch.

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