How to grow your roofing business

Hopefully, your roofing business is flourishing with orders flooding in. Looking after the ‘here and now’ is vital, but so are future plans. Can you keep up with demand? Have you got cash to invest in new equipment, for example? Can you pay the wage bill needed to complete outstanding contracts? Are customers dragging their heels on payment or was business going really great, only to be hit by a bad debt? This is where proactive versus reactive can be your saving grace.

You may excel at roofing; however it’s often the business side of things that can bring the most headaches and cause loss of profit, literally turning dreams into nightmares. Business growth can bringchallenges to all companies, large or small.

As traditional methods of finance may not always be available or even affordable, one of the biggest challenges facing roofing companies has always been where to go and who to turn to for financial help and advice. Also, not knowing who will understand the complexities of the roofing business has long been a frustration….up until now. At SIG, we’ve introduced a new range of Business Finance Tools, tailored specifically for roofing companies. Without profiting from commission, we have carefully selected independent third parties to provide services that will enable you to access discounted rates of finance and enjoy privileged access to business enhancing products, giving you complete peace of mind. As well as helping your company’s growth, these services will help increase returns on your final accounts and generally improve your internal risk processes.

Imagine being able to get advances on cash due from customers, rather than waiting for them to pay, and imagine getting the best deal on any company purchase or investment and spreading payments over time, as well as reducing as much risk as possible. Just think how pain-free it would be to have customer risk and cash flow managed professionally and your poor payments reduced, and how fabulous it would be to have access to legal advice on contracts and disputes. All of this is possible. Whatever tools you need to help you unlock the potential of your business, SIG is here to help. Simply give us a call or visit Business growth is firmly within your reach.

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