Great British Breakfast free for Great British Olympians


SIG Roofing is offering all Team GB’s returning Olympic medallists a king-size breakfast as part of its search to find Britain’s Best Cafe.

Cafes competing for the title of Britain’s Best Cafe will offer our amazing Olympic medallists a chance to get some carbs back into their system – entirely free!

All successful Olympians need to do is email [email protected] and SIG Roofing will arrange for a free breakfast fry-up at the nearest participating cafe.

To make sure every medallist knows about the offer, SIG Roofing will also be tweeting the competitors this week from @britainsbestcaf.

Marketing Manager at SIG Roofing Janine Brady says it’s a way for a grateful nation to show its appreciation for all that they have done.

“The Britain’s Best Cafe competition is aimed at the places where our customers go – and we’re delighted to offer some hospitality on their behalf. Our Olympic medallists have done a terrific job and while they may be taking a well-earned break from a strict training regime we’re hoping to provide them a breakfast courtesy of another group of outstanding performers – the people who run our great cafes.”

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