COVID-19 Update

17 March 2020

In light of the ever-developing situation, I wanted to take this opportunity to confirm that we will be maintaining a Business as Usual stance to minimise any impact the Coronavirus could have on your business.

Business as Usual

Guided by UK Government and Public Health advice we have both reviewed our operations and developed business contingency plans to ensure our supply chain is protected should situations change:

Stock Availability – Increased investment in stock
Working with our suppliers to protect the supply chain we have been increasing our purchases of key stock items to ensure you can carry on with your projects.

Branch Network – Open as Usual
For materials, support and advice. Furthermore, our full delivery service will be available.

Sales Support – Central Sales Office maintains operation in full
Some of our people have been redeployed to other offices or home working to ensure they are active to take and process orders along with answering technical and general enquiries.

External Sales Teams – Continues to be available for face to face meetings
However, if required we can also hold meetings via phone, Skype, and email to respond to enquires or orders.

Protocols to support teams

Engagement between individuals or groups to be limited;

  • Internal restriction on face to face meetings.
  • Work from home policy to non-frontline staff supported by new technology
  • Nonattendance of industry events.
  • Limiting contact with suppliers or the number of people that attend the meeting to maximum of 4 heads.

Where engagement or colocation is ongoing, we’re reinforcing government guidelines in key areas;

  • Good hygiene – washing hands regularly for 20 seconds at a time
  • Social Distancing – keeping at least 1 metre away from other persons
  • Body Contact – reducing handshakes etc.
  • Self-Isolation – returning from at risk countries or identifying virus symptoms

Clearly the situation remains fluid and like everyone else, we will continue to follow advice from Government and Public Health and will of course also, endeavour to deliver projects and materials as seamlessly as possible despite the current disruption.

We will always follow official guidance on the virus, if you’d like more information please visit

If you have any queries or require additional information please contact your SIG Account Manager.