Good recovery

Advances in technology and materials mean the flat roofing market is enjoying a resurgence, with flat roofs offering an attractive, low-cost option on many projects.


One of the main drivers in the flat roof sector is roof membrane repair and maintenance, with most flat roof membranes having a lifespan of between 20-30 years. After this, it’s common to replace or repair the membrane to make sure the roof stays watertight.


As long as the existing roof structure is in good condition you can usually overlay the roof with a new waterproofing system. However, with so many different options available, not all waterproof membranes  are compatible with each other and,  dependent on the status of the existing membrane, it may not be possible to apply a new one directly to the original surface. In these cases you normally use an isolation layer to prepare the existing roof for the new membrane and/or to act as a separation layer between the two waterproofing layers.


The answer to the high number of waterproofing options on the market is to  provide a single solution that is compatible with all common membranes and suits a wide range of applications. That’s why ROCKWOOL® has developed the HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board.

Ideal for both domestic and commercial projects, you can install the HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board onto existing roofs to absorb uneven surfaces, and provide a high quality, smooth flat finish.  It can be applied using either  adhesive or mechanical fixings,  and provides a strong bond  between the membrane and insulation, thanks to an integral mineral fibre fleece.

The Recovery Board has been tested to achieve an A1 Euroclass fire classification and is FM Approved. Capable of achieving 0.039 W/mK lambda value the product contributes to increased thermal performance and improves acoustic performance of existing flat roof systems by up to 47%, dependent on membrane type.

One simple flat roof solution, for multiple applications.