Getting with the programme

The CarbonZero programme can help you meet current environmental standards and win more work!


Knowing the overall lifecycle of a product, how it’s manufactured and its impact on the environment is becoming more important for contractors. On a growing number of projects, specifiers and developers are asking that either the whole development or the products used are both environmentally friendly and carbon neutral too. And, it’s across the board – commercial, public sector or private, new build or RMI.


In light of this, joining a scheme such as the CarbonZero programme helps you ensure you’re using appropriate products to minimize your environmental impact. It’s one of the world’s first internationally accredited Greenhouse Gas (GHG) certification schemes and gives you tools you need to measure and reduce your carbon footprint.

This is good news for contractors as being part of the CarbonZero programme can help you win more work and often at a higher margin. Marcus Lee, IKO Sales Director – Hot Melt and Mastic Asphalt Specification Division, explains: “A low carbon footprint is often asked for on jobs and using products that are offset means contractors can offer a solution. CarbonZero products can also help contractors win awards and bring in further business, particularly if they promote the scheme actively. There’s a strong demand for products that focus on sustainability too.”

IKO is the only UK mastic asphalt manufacturer to carbon offset. The company is committed to the CarbonZero programme, with 1,377.29 tonnes of CO2 offset across various projects during 2016. Recent CarbonZero projects include:

• The award-winning Westminster Cathedral roof repair used 35 tonnes of Mastic Asphalt equating to 5.5 tonnes of CO2 offset
• Four Squares Estate in Southwark used 1,400 tonnes of Mastic Asphalt offsetting 218.4 Tonnes of CO2
• Projects also benefitting from the scheme include the Kenyan Improved Cook Stove project, the Vietnamese Small Scale Hydro project, and an Indian Wind Power project

Standards such as ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and BES 6001 (Responsible Sourcing of Products) are increasingly required on projects, as well as ISO 9001 (Quality Management). Three of IKO’s existing factories have achieved all these standards, including the Grangemill manufacturing plant where their CarbonZero products are produced.

Contractors are under immense pressure to demonstrate responsible sourcing to potential clients, so being able to use products that have these credentials puts you ahead of the pack.