Game of foams

Foam adhesives could be well worth considering for your next flat roof project – due to the advances in the chemical formulations and application methods.


Foam adhesives are becoming a fast, effective and highly popular choice to bond insulation materials in flat roofs. One of the main advantages they offer is that you don’t need to penetrate the roof substrate to do the job – particularly useful on ‘live’ buildings where you don’t know the exact path the pipework or power cables take under the surface.


While liquid polyurethane adhesives are still the most common type of cold applied adhesive, manufacturers have recently developed new foam formulations that give users a host of benefits:

• Quick to use, typically taking around an hour to fully cure
• Foaming action helps fill small imperfections in substrates and joints between insulation boards
• Act as an insulator when cured, aiding thermal performance
• Non-drip so suitable for bonding onto vertical surfaces such as upstands

Although foam obviously expands, newer foam adhesives, such as Soudatherm 330, have low foaming formulations so they don’t push boards up. This means there’s no need for boards to be ‘walked in’ or weighed down.

Improvements in modern applicator tools mean you can use newer gun applied foam adhesives more precisely. This ensures you use the correct amount of product, without wasting any after you’ve finished applying it. Gun applied systems are also generally fairly low maintenance, and can be stored for a few weeks without cleaning.

If you haven’t considered foam adhesives and you are looking for a convenient solution to install flat roofs, perhaps now is the time to do so?