With my reputation?!

For some, the reputation for being tricky to work with is well earnt…Whitney Houston springs to mind…for others not so much!

In the case of roofing, aluminium has sometimes had a bad rap for not being the easiest material to work with. This is a myth that needs to be busted, as pioneering use of new materials and manufacturing techniques means it’s no longer based on fact.

When you recommend a rainwater solution to a customer, it’s important to think about its installed lifecycle costs – including maintenance. This is where aluminium systems showcase their added value, as once installed they need minimal attention. Marine grade aluminium is corrosion resistant, and has a life expectancy of 50 years, so you can fit and forget with peace of mind that there will be a significantly reduced risk of site call-backs.

Contractors can also take an identical approach to installing aluminium as they would other materials. The same applies to Marley Alutec, who are employing the latest aluminium technology to provide a user-friendly aluminium roofline range:

• Family of gutters, unions, outlets and angles using rubber seals and modern fascia brackets are as easy to install as any other material
•Rigidity and composition of the panels in the fascia and soffit system, especially with the introduction earlier this year of the new h-section joint, ensures fast cutting using everyday carpentry tools. This leads to a hassle free aluminium fascia installation direct to rafter ends

• A wide range of luscious RAL colours are available. Marley Alutec use architectural grade polyester powder coating so you can be sure the property will have long lasting kerb appeal with excellent colour and gloss retention, even with prolonged outdoor exposure. You can also use the colours to tie in with the buildings’ windows for excellent external aesthetics

In addition, aluminium is lightweight and can be produced to exactly replicate traditional styled gutters found on listed buildings, made from heavier metals. Aaron Coker, who recently installed a Marley Alutec system on a Grade II manor house, commented: “I have been working with Marley Alutec and its products for about five years and like most projects where I’ve used their products, Moreteyne Manor was an easy installation…I was able to install the entire system in two days by myself.”

I’m sure you’ll agree that the benefits of hassle free installation, wide choice of RAL colours, latest aluminium technology and 50 years life expectancy means a great reputation for your jobs and peace of mind for your customers.