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Smooth operator!

As the only manufacturer of ACME double camber clay plain tiles, Marley Eternit’s new Classic Red Smooth is a unique addition to the market. The tile expands on the breadth of their popular double camber range by adding to the other six colours already available.

The latest addition offers a more natural look, making it perfect for a traditional clay aesthetic with machine-made precision, whether it’s for new build or refurbishment projects.

To order a sample, or to download a brochure, please speak to your local SIG Roofing branch or visit:


Easy work with self-adhesive cap sheet

IKO Easyseal Pro is a high-performance, self-adhesive bituminous cap sheet. An extension of the IKO Easyseal range, it’s developed for professional roofers to use where torch-on is inappropriate or prohibited. Clean and easy to handle, the backing strips away for quick installation. It’s ideal for extensions, garages, dormers, porches and commercial projects.

With a high-tensile polyester base and SBS elastomeric bitumen coatings it incorporates Prevent Graphite Fire Wall Technology, classified as BROOF(t4) in accordance with BS EN 13501-5: 2005. It’s durable too, with a 20-year guarantee, and designed to work with the multi-layer IKO Easyseal system.


Ubbink announces the end of dry verge installation problems

Ubbink has launched an all-new BS 8612 ready, easy-to-install Ambi Dry Verge System. The new system overcomes the common problems of poor design, over-complexity and lack of clarity about installation procedure and fixing individual components.

Three key features to this system are:
• Starter unit allows install before or after the gutter has been fixed.
• Batten bracket allows the verge unit to be fixed without screwing into the end of the batten giving a more secure, reliable fixing and allowing alternative fixing points for eaves starter.
• Deep water bar in each Ambi unit prevents wall staining.


BBA certification for Ubiflex Extreme premium non-lead flashing

Ubiflex Extreme was developed to have all the features of Ubiflex B3 and the ability to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions, with an extended working temperature range: –30°C to +180°C.

Extreme comprises a reinforced aluminium mesh with a silicone to both sides, grey and black. This means it can be installed with either side visible, depending on the application specification, and also simplifies ordering and stocking.

In addition to BBA Certification, it has been tested at the BRE where it received a Class A fire rating pass and was wind tunnel tested to 100mph.


SIGnature 25 Roof Waterproofing System awarded BBA accreditation

The quality accreditation is for SIG Roofing’s own range of Torch-On roofing bituminous membranes. These comprise polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing membranes, insulation boards and a vapour control layer (VCL) for use on flat and pitched roofs with limited access.

Suitable for warm or cold roofs, the SIGnature Torch-On range is available in three underlay options, with the potential for either 20-year or 25-year warranties.

To download the SIGnature Torch-On brochure and product literature, visit:


Evoke-ing excellent installation

Marley Alutec’s Evoke fascia and soffit range is a true industry revolution, enabling trades to transfer their skills at installing PVC to more durable, sustainable materials.

Made of aluminium composite panel, the Evoke can be cut, drilled and shaped using standard carpentry tools, in half the time of sheet aluminium.

At 4mm thick, Evoke panels are rigid enough to be nailed directly to roof truss ends, eliminating the time and expense of providing timber backing. Alternatively, the panels can be installed over existing, sound fascias. Either way the result is a smooth, ripple-free, sound base for fixing any of Marley Alutec’s gutter ranges.


New Universal Lead Replacement Roll from Marley Eternit

Marley’s new roll can be used to create a water-tight seal and effective flashing at all abutments, including walls, chimneys and dormers.

As well as having similar aesthetics and rigidity to lead, the roll features an ultra sticky, UV and age-resistant, Butyl adhesive backing to ensure a quick and secure fix, making it a cost-saving alternative. Manufactured from creped-coated aluminium, and reinforced with metal grid for strength and rigidity, it can stretch up to 60%, so can be moulded to even the deepest profile tiles.

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