What a stud!

SIGnature Clay Tiles handmade Holmbury Blend helps restore a Grade II  listed building dating from 1530 back to its former glory.

Woodmans Studd is a glorious privately owned home in Dial Post, a picturesque hamlet near Horsham, West Sussex. Originally built as a farm in 1530, it became a residential property in the 1900s and is registered as a Grade II listed building.

The existing roof, fitted with a mixture of tiles including peg tiles, was in poor shape and slipping rotten battens were causing leaks. The homeowner was looking for a roof covering that would last for many years, while keeping the original character and beauty of the home. As a Grade II listed building, the new roof covering also had to be approved by the local council to ensure that the new roof would preserve the original aesthetic of the property.

The roofing contractor, Jon Hilden from Heritage Roofing and Restoration Ltd recommended a handmade SIGnature Clay Tile – Holmbury Blend. He thought it would be a perfect fit for the project and had used this particular tile before on many other listed buildings in order to meet listed building requirements.

SIGnature’s Holmbury Blend Clay Tiles have beautiful orange and red undertones, with a naturally blended appearance that closely matched the original peg tiles; every tile is handmade and thus individual in both size and colour, giving an authentic roof finish which met the requirements of the local council and exceeded the expectations of the home owner.

The 430m2 barn hip style roof with a catslide consisted of intricate detailing that required both skill and patience to complete. As the roof had a number of valleys and bonnets, plus seven hips in the structure, the tiles had to be cut very carefully. The tilt fillets had to be replaced because they were rotten and the need for new chimney stalks added further complexity and time to the project.

This intricate project was completed on time and in budget, taking four weeks in total. As SIGnature Handmade Clay Tiles have a 30 year warranty, the owner of this beautiful home has complete peace of mind that the roof will last for many years to come.

SIGnature’s Holmbury Blend Clay Tiles have helped restore Woodmans Studd to its former glory with a stunning new roof which will adorn this magnificent home for decades.