EZ like a Sunday morning

Tyvek’s new FlexWrap EZ makes it even easier to seal tricky penetrations in membranes and ensure airtightness.

As roofing contractors, we all know that airtightness is crucial – not only to comply with current UK Regulations and integrity of design, but also for sustainability, energy efficiency and your customers’ comfort. We also know that often even minor improvements to tried and tested products can make a big difference to the way we work.

DuPont’s new version of its Tyvek® FlexWrap tape is a great example. This has long been a useful piece of kit for contractors, as it’s ideal for internal and external use and requires no other fixings – however it is now available in a narrower width of 60mm x   0m rolls, making it especially useful for roofing in tight or irregular locations. The clever ‘concertina’ design and premium butyl adhesive layer means the tape creates a highly effective seal around any irregular shape or complex joint. The durable Tyvek® top-sheet also offers protection from air and moisture ingress, is UV resistant, performs over a wide temperature range and allows for structural movement through its extendable construction.
What’s more, it’s easy and straightforward to apply – quicker to fit than many standard tapes – and compatible with most building materials, meaning it’s ideal for use around areas that can be a real headache, such as:

• Soil stacks (SVPs)
• Chimney corners
• Roof windows
• Cable connections to roof mounted aerials / satellite dishes, etc
• Behind roof coverings

You can also use it for a range of challenging areas internally, including:
• Sealing AVCLs
• Around wiring (ceiling lights)
• Ventilation ductwork
• Corners of roof windows (room-in-roof)
• Loft hatches (cold roofs)
• Joist and rafter penetrations

Tyvek® FlexWrap EZ is also the perfect partner for Tyvek® Supro breather membrane for roofs as demonstrated in recent airtightness testing at BRE (Building Research Establishment). When the tape was used with other Tyvek® membranes and AVCLs fitted to a specially built structure, this dynamic duo was instrumental in achieving results well below the exacting Passivhaus Standards (a rigorous, voluntary Standard for energy efficiency in buildings), which was an outcome that impressed the BRE themselves.

It may be only one small part of a roofing project, but the quality of the tape you use can make all the difference. Using the expandable, curve-able Tyvek® FlexWrap EZ will ensure an air and watertight roof – with the added bonus of peace of mind for you and your customers.