Concrete improvements

Thanks to Wienerberger’s improved concrete range, roof installation is about to be made a whole lot easier.

The guys at Wienberger believe in great product design. Their aim is to make your life on the roof as easy as possible which is why they’ve been working on improving their much loved range of concrete tiles and accessories.

For example, after spending time understanding how their Calderdale tiles were being used, it became clear that you liked them because they were user-friendly. Armed with this knowledge the company set out to build on this with the introduction of their Calderdale Edge product. They’ve redesigned the interlock for better laying and fitting and it’s been developed so it now includes an improved nib, making it easier to handle, fit and load onto the roof. Not only this, but in terms of cost, this new product boasts greater coverage, adding better value and profit for you.

• Single channel interlock helps channel water away more effectively
• Improved interference fit enhances compaction strength at the joint when laid
• New modern nib provides a better hanging fit and delivers improved roof loading safety
• Designed using computer models, helping to predict strength across the tile in different conditions

You can still get the original Calderdale tile (renamed Calderdale Traditional) although they won’t fit the new Calderdale Edge because of the new improved interlock. If you’re doing refurb work you could consider re-laying the original product on one elevation and the new product on the other.

Another challenge we know you face is customer call backs due to the colour fading on concrete products. Due to launch in 2018, Wienberger’s new TLE Curve is set to eliminate this issue. Based on their trusted TLE tile, this latest update to their best-selling thin leading edge product brings new market leading features to the humble concrete tile. They’ve made it the most colourfast concrete product available in the market due to its Duracoat™ covering. This dramatically slows concrete fading with current field trials reaching 15 years plus without losing colour. The tile is also thinner, but with no compromise on strength, making it easier to load and lay.

• Discrete bullnose edge reduces the concrete biscuit visible along the leading edge, giving the appearance of a thinner tile
• Thinnest leading edge tile on the market with no compromise on strength
• Modern look (large format & flat)
• New interlock design

If you’re tired of trying to hold clips in place while hammering then another exciting development to the concrete range has to be the introduction of the new Calderdale and TLE tile and eaves clips. Both the new clips grip onto the tile and hang in place independently, making the installation process much smoother; you don’t need to hold them and hammer at the same time. They’re also extremely strong – the new tile clip can hold the equivalent weight of 45 bags of sugar!

The new TLE clip:
• Quicker, easier, safer
• Nail is part of the clip and sits further away from the tile to aid right handed hammering
• New nail surface is smooth & will tap in much more easily
• Interlocking design locks onto the tile, eliminating dropping clips down the underlay

The secret to the success of Wienberger’s improved concrete range is that they’ve listened to the issues roofers have and then come up with solutions. The results speak for themselves.