Clip it!

TIL-R Tile Clips are easy to fit single piece clips, which can be used with most roof tiles from leading UK manufacturers, without compromising the performance of the roof.

One of the most prevalent myths in roofing today is the commonly held belief that if you’re using a particular brand of tile then you have to use the same manufacturer’s tile clips as fixings. If you don’t, logic dictates, then you will be breaking the conditions of the warranty.

Well, we’re delighted to report that this simply isn’t the case. It is true that when you receive a specification detailing the type of tile to be used on a property, you are required to contact the manufacturer’s technical department to obtain a fixing specification for that particular roof. This will be based on the tile type, the rafter length, the height of the eave and ridge lines and the pitch, not forgetting the all-important location in the UK. While some specifications will detail the fixing that you must use, many projects will leave the choice of tile clip to your discretion.

TIL-R Tile Clips offer the perfect solution because they are easy to fit single piece clips, which can be used with the majority of roof tiles. Made from galvanised carbon steel, which remains more rigid than stainless steel, they are suitable for all exposures throughout the UK. TIL-R Tile Clips require no nail or clip threading, so are an efficient solution.

Two clips types have been developed, one for use with most flat thin leading-edge interlocking tiles and interlocking mock plain tiles and the other for use with most flat profile standard interlocking tiles and pan tiles. Both have combined fixings to incorporate a batten nail and tile clip, ensuring they can secure most roof tiles.

The clips can be used along with TIL-R Dry Fix Ridge Kits and Pitched Roof Underlay to provide a secure, BS 5534:2014 compliant, roofing solution. The Standard stipulates that all single lap (interlocking) tiles must be mechanically fixed at least once with a nail or clip and all perimeter tiles must be mechanically fixed at least twice. TIL-R Tile Clips represent an effective answer to this.

For added peace of mind, TIL-R Tile Clips come with a 15-year warranty, and form part of SIG Roofing’s single package ONE Warranty, which is designed to give property owners confidence that their investment is protected. Products like TIL-R Tile Clips are a simple way to get a competitive edge, whilst meeting the Standard and at the same time giving your customer peace of mind.

SIG Roofing offers a single package warranty - ‘ONE Warranty’. A pitched roof product warranty to support the build-up of the roof from batten to roof coverings, it covers a comprehensive range of market-leading roofing products whose performance is covered for 15 years, all at no extra charge.