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Taking a closer look at industry myths


Like a lot of other industries, there are many misconceptions in the roofing industry, from the best materials and products to use, to the standards you need to follow. In this issue of INSIGHT we speak to members of our industry to see what common misconceptions we can resolve and find out about innovations that could change the way we work and think about roofing.


There’s a widely-held belief that people used to think the world was flat (apparently some still do!) and that if you went far enough you’d fall off. This illustrates how myths and misconceptions can affect how we behave and what we achieve – who wants to risk getting in a boat to discover new lands if you think you’re going to sail off the edge of  the world?Roofing, as with many industries, is awash with beliefs about best practice, products and materials; some of these will be right, others quite definitely not so. What is true is that myths serve only one purpose – to muddy the waters and whilst doing so getting in the way of the job at hand. Busting these misconceptions helps  provide clarity and shine a light on how to get the best results possible with the minimum of fuss.

In that spirit this issue looks at some of the areas in roofing where, contrary to commonly held ideas, there might be a better way. Things change, so what was true 10 or even 5 years ago might not be the case now. There’s a lot to look out for including the most frequently asked questions in industrial roofing and cladding, how to choose the right pitched roof accessories for the job and how to guard against wind uplift.

In addition, new guidelines were recently issued for safe practice when using gas torches on Torch On membranes and you can find out how to become Safe2Torch Registered. Plus, find out why the future is blue roofs, which provide sustainable drainage solutions during heavy rainfall.

You can also find information on the benefits of aluminium and get a free sample of easy to fit single piece tile clips. Along with tips for installing the best flat roof possible  and how EPDM can overlay virtually any flat roof (. We also talk about how to reduce sound transmission in a metal roof and how bespoke solutions are more accessible than ever before, whilst still giving you the right WOW factor.

In conclusion, in any industry there will always be myths to dispel. So, next time you hear an industry myth, remember to ask yourself, “Is it really true?”

Competition Winner
Congratulations to our reader Dean Engall of DK Engall who is out latest competition winner!

Dean entered our INSIGHT issue 30 word search competition to win a two-step ladder!

We asked Dean why he reads INSIGHT and he told us: “I have been reading INSIGHT since it’s first issue and it’s either posted to me or I pick it up from SIG Roofing. I’ve been in the building industry since 1979, I’m a jobbing builder and a carpenter by trade and I also do roofing work. I really enjoy my job and INSIGHT helps me to keep abreast with BS Standards, health & safety and new products, as they’re always changing, or there’s something new or a different way of doing things. It’s great that I’ve won, but I think I might struggle to reach the roof with it!!”