From the Rain to the Drain

Product innovation from Alumasc help boost the speed and volume of planned construction projects.

When skilled labour is scarce the onus is on all of us to play a part in finding solutions. That’s why, if we are to build twice as many homes a year and keep pace with infrastructure projects, we need manufacturers to design products that work harder and smarter.

Product innovation is the lifeblood of enterprise. Without it we’d all still be listening to music on cassette and riding Penny Farthings. In roofing, product innovation enables us to keep projects moving, control labour costs and minimise errors – while maintaining high levels of quality and productivity.

This is particularly true when skills are such a valuable commodity as they are now. Products that perform well and are quick and easy to install help less trained workers fit materials with complete confidence. Here’s an example of those principles in action.

Alumasc Water Management Solutions develops products specifically designed for the real world – from rain to drain. It includes four trusted brands that provide all you need in water management:

  • Skyline (Fascias, Soffit & Copings)
  • Alumasc Rainwater (Gutters & Downpipes)
  • Harmer (Building Drainage)
  • Gatic (Civil Drainage)

A good demonstration of how product innovation is streamlining processes for a smoother operation is Alumasc Rainwater’s Apex certified painted cast iron guttering and downpipes. Factory-applied under strictly controlled conditions, they eliminate the need for painting on site and give better performance and long life, reducing call backs.

In addition, a new one-piece pre-fabricated outlet for their high-performance steel rainwater reduces leaks from incorrectly cut materials on-site. It makes installation quicker and easier so you can trust newer recruits to do the job.

One of the problems with skills shortages is that inexperience on site can sometimes lead to accidents and the associated costs and delays they bring. To combat this, Gatic’s new high-performance concrete channel drain, Filocoten, is designed to have fewer breakages in the yard, in transit and on site. It withstands sideways forces and unintended drops – a key consideration for contractors, installers and clients:

  • Extremely strong with great impact stability
  • Crack resistant
  • Maintains adherence to concrete surround in temperature fluctuations
  • Four-point locking system every half metre ensures grating stays securely in place under heavy traffic loading
  • Anti-vandal locking device deters thieves

These are just some of the ways Alumasc is using product innovation to support contractors and deal with the skills shortage.