Basic Instincts

Marley Alutec believe the answer to the skills shortage may be simpler than we think.

When NASA were first planning on sending a man into space they spent millions of dollars developing a pen that could write in zero gravity. The Russians took a pencil. It’s that kind of intelligent choice of materials that Marley Alutec believe is the key to helping the industry grow and bridging the widening skills gap.

If the materials we use require us to go through years and years of training to get to grips with them, are we somehow adding to the skills problem? Possibly. However, if the materials are easy to use then tradesmen with basic skills can achieve top quality installations quickly, which is a bonus for everyone – the contractor makes money faster, the end user gets a quality finish and the industry sees a rise in output.

When it comes to rainwater, eaves and coping systems, Marley Alutec’s premium quality Evolve and Evoke ranges enable tradesmen of all ability levels achieve a high-end finish.

Made from marine grade aluminium and aluminium composite respectively, you can install and modify all Marley’s fascias and soffits, guttering, downpipes and coping using basic carpentry tools and skills. As we all know, no install is exactly like it is on paper, so the ability to make bespoke pieces, corners and cut outs is essential. That’s not a problem as you can cut their systems easily and avoid leaving nasty burrs in the process.

Coping systems in particular can be tricky to install as you not only have to eliminate any bowing, you also have to ensure the system remains fully watertight too. Marley’s butyl adhesive seal combines the best of push fit and adhesion to guarantee a watertight seal for as long as the service life of the coping, which is 50 years or more.

This is a company that clearly believes products have to work for both the end user and the installer. Using materials and technologies that provide premium finishes and services but that are easy to handle and install is a sure-fire way of coping with the skills shortage, increasing output and generating more income for installers nationwide.