Batteries included

Envirolead, the lead roll made almost exclusively from recycled car batteries, has one of the industry’s strongest environmental stories, which is why more and more are making it their number one choice.

Next time you’re buying a roll of lead it’s worth remembering that there’s more to it than meets the eye. Today it’s possible to source your rolled lead sheet with impeccable environmental credentials that are proven to be sustainable, green and good for the planet.Envirolead, for example, is made from discarded lead and acid car batteries, which used to be a massive source of toxic pollution. Now, instead of clogging up the nation’s landfill, a significant proportion of these batteries are recycled with 96% of their parts reused.

And it doesn’t stop there; after the lead is extracted it is milled into BS EN 12588:06 lead roll – the highest quality possible – and the left over sulphuric acid is recycled into sodium sulphate (salt), to be used in the detergent and glazing industries. Even the casing is chipped, washed and bagged and used in the vehicle industry.

An added benefit is the Transparency Of Product Hallmark And Traceability (TOPHAT) scheme, which guarantees the source and quality of the lead installed or specified by covering traceability of product, hallmarking and transparency of source. Also as part of the TOPHAT process, ALM and JML will monitor who is registering their works for the guarantee and will recommend them to architects for future projects, thus offering contractors additional opportunities to benefit from the scheme as well as Envirolead’s quality credentials.

To join the TOPHAT scheme all you have to do is agree to use Envirolead lead sheets and by doing so you guarantee the material is from a fully documented and trusted source. In addition when Envirolead and Premium Roofing Products are used together, installers can then offer a 50-year warranty to customers backed and provided by the Lead Sheet Association.

So when you need lead roll with proven environmental credentials, along with recommendations for future jobs, a scheme like Envirolead could be the solution.