If it ain’t broke…

Why do we buy the products we buy, and what’s brand got to do with it?

As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and this is particularly true with brands – we trust manufacturers to bring us a quality product and not to change a winning formula which we’ve grown to rely on for consistent quality. There are some institutions you just don’t mess with; the recipes for Coca-Cola and Heinz Tomato Ketchup spring immediately to mind, as does anything narrated by David Attenborough – who has just been voted the most trusted celebrity in the UK.

Ultimately, brands should give us peace of mind by reducing risk and adding value. This knowledge and subsequent brand loyalty saves us valuable decision making and potentially installation time as it reflects what we like and are used to as individuals – you buy that roof tile because it’s simple to lay; you buy that brick because it’ll give that natural clay look; you buy that paver because you know you can rely on it. In construction, Sandtoft is one such institution; a heritage brand synonymous with quality and trusted by contractors as their go-to clay and concrete tile of choice. Not something you want to mess with!

Fortunately, when Wienerberger bought Sandtoft in 2009, they recognised the power of the Sandtoft brand and the importance of staying true to the values that make it such a popular choice. From the beginning they knew they weren’t going to change anything fundamental about the tile-craft and they also knew they needed to ensure the loyal Sandtoft customer that they actually meant it and were committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality and care.

It’s a great example of a bigger company knowing they have a winning formula that doesn’t need tinkering with. Wienerberger understand that the reason Sandtoft became such a recognisable name in roofing in the first place is, first and foremost – because it’s a great product. It’s why they bought it. Their customers benefit from the protection and reach that being part of a larger organisation such as Wienerberger brings. While you’ll now find the Wienerberger flame on the Sandtoft literature and packaging, the quality remains exactly the same, which is good news all round.

It’s true that brand matters, although it’s very much tied to an understanding that manufacturers need to be sensitive to the past and present loyalties of contractors – and sometimes just let the product do the talking.

For more information on Wienerberger, visit their website here.