A concrete proposition

ONE WARRANTY from SIG Roofing has just got even better! It’s been updated to include roof coverings from the UK’s leading manufacturers – Marley Eternit, Redland, Sandtoft, Keymer and Russell Roof Tiles – giving customers even more choice and quality products to choose from when it comes to a single package warranty.

ONE WARRANTYcovers the performance of the products used in the build-up of a pitched roof for 15 years under one single package warranty that is easy to use and understand, and all at no extra charge.

The addition of coverings from Marley Eternit, Redland, Sandtoft, Keymer and Russell Roof Tiles includes their full range of concrete, clay and slate appearance tiles and fibre cement slates. Meaning that ONE WARRANTY includes a truly extensive product range, giving contractors, specifiers and property owners choice when it comes to the roof build-up product selection and the ability to have a single package warranty cover. With simple and secure protection against anything that might go wrong with the roof’s products.


In addition to the inclusion of concrete, clay and slate appearance tiles and fibre cement slates, ONE WARRANTY now also includes Proctor’s Roofshield breather membrane. As a result, contractors can enjoy an even wider range of products that are all of a high standard and highly sought after. It also means that they have choice when it comes to selecting the right covering for their project and still being able to take advantage of a single package warranty. So not only will the property owner have peace of mind knowing their roof is covered, you can rest easy, knowing you’re using top quality materials.

These latest products add to the existing coverings from industry leading SIGA Natural Slate, SIGA Heritage and SIGnature Clay Tiles, along with a range of market leading accessories including SR Timber’s Premium Gold Batten, TIL-R’s pitched roof underlays, and a wide range of flashings, fixings and ridges from ALM, TIL-R and Red Bank, to name just a few.

To take advantage of ONE WARRANTY all you have to do is register online at www.sigroofing.co.uk/onewarranty – you’ll then receive membership details and marketing materials to use with your customers. Once you’ve purchased and installed the relevant products, you can easily register your project online for ONE WARRANTY to take effect.

You can take advantage of ONE Warranty and the full service provided by SIG Roofing with no additional costs, while enjoying a reduced and simplified administration process at the same time.

new products added…


ONE WARRANTY now gives you the freedom to choose your preferred roof coverings for your customer’s project and still have a single package warranty.

For more information contact your local SIG Roofing branch or visit: www.sigroofing.co.uk/onewarranty.