Take it easy(seal)

New Pro additions to IKO’s Self-Adhesive system make it even easier to work with.

As anyone who uses their products knows, the focus at IKO is on making it simpler, quicker, easier and safer to complete a project with or without specialist skills. They aim to make installation as easy and fool-proof as possible, while offering contractors and their clients more choice, with no compromise on quality, performance or durability. The IKO easyseal system delivers on all counts.

Quick and easy to install, the built-up felt system is ideal for domestic flat roofs such as dormer windows, garages and extensions (new build or refurbishment) as well as bigger projects. It consists of three self-adhesive components with variations to suit roofing contractors and more general builders:

• 16m or 8m Underlay
• 8m or 6m Top Sheet
• 15m Vapour Control Layer (VCL)

The vapour barrier layer is designed to be used in warm-roof systems on kitchens and bathrooms (where a high resistance to water vapour rising from the dwelling is required), to protect the insulation.

Clean and easy to handle, the backing for each layer simply strips away and can be installed quickly as a self-adhesive, totally flame-free system. For smaller projects or those who don’t have specialist skills, there’s no need for hot bitumen or gas torches.

Two additional products have recently been launched to complete the easyseal system. The new options have been developed in response to demand from contractors who want to use the system with torch-on cap sheets, for a professional finish on larger projects.

• High-performance SBS self-adhesive cap sheet
• Incorporates Graphite Firewall Technology
• Consists of a polyester base with a black mineral surface
• Has a hot-air welded head/end lap and a 100mm plain seveledge for lap jointing

• Elastomeric underlay, polyester-reinforced for greater durability
• Fine mineral surface is designed to receive a torch-on cap sheet for added versatility
• Use as the first layer within un-insulated torch-on roofing systems

IKO easyseal is BBA-approved (Cert. No. 2/3916), with a life expectancy of over 20 years when installed as a 2- or 3-layer system.