Evoking change

Sometimes improvements to existing products can give you a new alternative to work with.

The key considerations when installing lengths of fascia and soffit have always been that the material is lightweight and the jointing system is easy to use. Well, thanks to a new innovation from Marley Alutec, aluminium composite is now proving a viable and durable solution.

Marley Alutec’s Evoke aluminium composite fascia and soffit system has been hugely popular since its launch in 2011. Since then it has benefitted from a number of developments and now the latest change has real installer appeal. The range now comes with new H-section joints, which exactly replicate jointing systems. This means the system can be installed conveniently and with all the strength and durability of aluminium you’d expect.

This innovative development has come in response to customer feedback and market needs and has been specifically tailored to make your job simpler and more efficient. What’s more, Marley Alutec’s Evoke range requires no specialist tools or training – standard carpentry tools are all you need.

Marley Alutec are a great example of a manufacturer taking the lead and bringing a product to market that has the potential to inspire and improve industry-wide standards. The developments they’ve made to the Evoke system were implemented with installers in mind to reduce the time spent, skills needed and, ultimately, the cost of installing the products. They are the latest in a string of improvements that make choosing aluminium easier than ever. The only thing preventing some installers using aluminium before was that they found the alternative jointing systems difficult to adapt to – with the new system this is no longer an issue.

The Evoke range is made from an aluminium composite and delivers a host of benefits, some of which include:
• Extremely strong, rigid and lightweight at only 4mm thick
• Requires no specialist tools or training to install
• No backing board needed so perfect for fitting over existing systems without reducing tile overhang
• Highly durable with a life expectancy of 50 years or more and virtually zero maintenance
• Coated with a high performance PVDF paint finish and a Nano self-cleaning additive to reduce build-up of dust and algae
• Fully recyclable

What this all means is an eaves installation which stays straighter and cleaner for longer – a great way to build a reputation for quality work while saving money on decorative maintenance. In addition, as the entire system is fully recyclable, it’s one of the most sustainable systems available in the UK.

The Marley Evoke is living up to its name – it’s an evocation for change.

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